search twitter lost messages

This is currently available for iOS users only! People using iPhones and iPads now have the freedom to search Twitter lost messages as the platform has just announced its direct message search feature for all users on iOS.

This feature has been on the list of requested features for intense users for some time now. Twitter has finally listened to its users. The feature was first put into testing last month. At that time, Twitter said it would only work with your “most recent DMs.”

search twitter lost messages

For those using iPhones or iPads and have access to the new feature, you will realise that the feature appears to work both for recent DMs and older messages, too.

Although the feature does not allow users to search the content of messages, it is still better than nothing at all. You just have to type in the names of people or groups.

When you start the search, the initial searches will bring up your most recent exchanges. Then, you will get a second prompt to “search older messages”. This will dig up all of your old exchange logs from years back.

One thing to know is, you will have to know the name of the person or group you are searching for.


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