The roll out of an updated build of iOS 15 beta is here for developers. The new iOS 15 features an impressive list of features and updates for user applications. At the moment, the new iOS 15 build is available only for app developers through the OTA update in the main Settings app.

iOS 15: So, What’s New?

Focus Feature

Focus is a brand new feature in iOS 15 that filters apps and notifications as per users’ preferences at a specific time. For instance, users can use Focus to block notifications at a particular time of the day. Focus uses device intelligence and offers different suggestions based on work hours or personal time. Users can also come up with a custom Focus that would automatically update in other connected Apple devices.

Redesigned Notifications

Yes, redesigned notifications in iOS 15 will probably be the first thing developers will notice. It now allows users to include contact photos of people and bigger app icons. Unlike previous iterations, the newly redesigned notifications are less distracting and provide a notification summary. It allows users to prioritize notifications with a specific timeline.

Maps Updates

In iOS 15, the new Map app provides a 3D view that enables users to check enhanced details of the cities. The app is also more navigational and accurate for the driving experience and provides additional Transit features like pinned favorite notifications and lines to pick up.

Safari Updates

Safari has been completely redesigned with additional user controls. The browser now allows users to access web content with a single hand. Plus, there is a compact new tab at the bottom of the screen that allows users to swipe tabs more efficiently. Through Tab Groups, users can save tabs and then access them from other Apple devices. Another Safari update is a customizable start menu and users can also install extensions.

Weather App Updates

In iOS 15, developers will also notice significant changes in the Weather app. The app now provides more weather data with impressive graphical displays. Users can also dive into intuitive layouts and detailed screen maps based on changing weather conditions. The Weather app now also has custom animated backgrounds that can pinpoint accurate precipitation and the position of the sun. There are also added notifications in the app for snow or rainfall predictions.

FaceTime Updates

Spatial Audio and voice isolation are part of the iOS 15 that makes FaceTime calls more accurate. Also, FaceTime supports calls with Portrait mode now. Users can take or make the calls in grid view for a more comprehensive experience on the screen.

Developers will also find the SharePlay feature in FaceTime that synchronizes media sharing during a call. Just like Zoom, users can now generate shareable dedicated links for scheduled calls for Windows and Android devices.

Privacy Measures

Like the previous iOS iterations, the 15 version comes with more privacy measures. For instance, it now processes Siri requests straight on the iPhone. Plus, users can now enjoy Mail Privacy Protection that would prevent senders from finding out about the recipient’s original IP address. Users can also check the overview of apps permissions through App Privacy Report.

Wallet App Updates

The Wallet app now supports different types of keys in iOS 15. The app provides support for homes, hotels, and office keys. In late 2021, users will be able to add their state ID or driver’s license in the Wallet app as participants.

What Else?

There is a multitude of tweaks in the new iOS 15 build. For instance, developers will find layered functionality in user-created mentions and tags in the Notes app. The Photos app also comes with Memories update and design features that make the user interface more interactive. In iOS 15, users can integrate Memories with Apple Music to enjoy personalized song recommendations.

Sum Up

As the Apple tradition would dictate, the new iOS 15 update doesn’t immediately or automatically downloads. But as a registered developer, you can update to the new iOS 15 in a few minutes. Until the fall of 2021, developers can continue to review the wide range of updates in iOS 15. It’s a great opportunity for developers to spot any issues or bugs to make the iOS 15 more robust and reliable before it becomes available for public use.



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