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How to choose your new package? Which subscriptions offer the best value for money? Which services are included in the adviser’s profile list?

Comparison Questions for Choosing Internet Boxes

Which Internet offer should I choose? Which ISP is currently offering the best plan? How to save money on my Internet subscription? What will be the speed of my connection? To answer all these questions, and find the package best suited to your needs and your budget, your adviser offers you its comparators, its test of eligibility ADSL and fibre.

An agency studded with a team of advisers is also at your disposal to inform you about the real offers of Internet available at your place and accompanies you to facilitate your steps of change of operator. Most of the services are free and without commitment.

How to Find a Cheap Internet Package?

A change of access provider is often initiated by the desire to save money by subscribing to a cheaper Internet package from a competing operator. Here are some tips for finding a cheap internet box!

  • The promotions: To attract new customers, access providers often offer Internet offers with a discount of 30 to 50% most often. Be careful though, these discounts are usually valid only the first year of your subscription or require a promotional code when you subscribe. Sometimes operators also launch “private sales” and “limited series” with a perennial price.
  • The commitment recovery: Telecom operators charge a line closure fee when you terminate, usually £44.5. These cancellation fees must not be a break to change operator.
  • Box + Mobile discounts: To achieve additional savings on your telecom bill, you can also group your subscriptions with the same operator. By accumulating your Internet Box with one or more mobile plans, you will benefit from a reduction ranging from £2.67 to £8.9 per month. 

What is the Best Internet Offer?

The answer to this question will be different from one user to another! The best Internet offer is, first and foremost, the one that best suits your needs and situation. Here are the main criteria to consider before choosing your Internet package.

ADSL, VDSL2 or fibre optics?

The technical eligibility of your telephone line and your home determines the technology of your Internet connection. More than 99% of UK residents are eligible for ADSL with a bandwidth of between 1 and 20 Mb/s. About 20% of households even benefit from a boosted speed thanks to VDSL2 (up to 95 Mb). To take advantage of the Internet up to 1 Gb/s, it is necessary to be connected to the optical fibre or the cable.

Therefore, not all access providers offer the same networks, and therefore not the same speeds, which requires that proper guidance is necessary to compare broadband deals before subscription. For example, your address may be compatible with the ADSL Free (18 Mb/s), with the VDSL2 Post Office (70 Mb/s) and also with the fibre SFR (1000 Mb). Remember that the higher the speed, the better the connection will be, especially if you have several computers, smartphones, and tablets connected simultaneously.

Services included:

Although the overall features of the packages of different access providers, these access providers seek to differentiate their offers. The telephony service can vary from one offer to another, especially as regards international telephone calls.

Television service is also an important criterion of choice. The TV packages of the operators vary greatly.

Technical assistance:

A decrease in the speed of the Internet connection? A box that flashes and does it at its head? An error on the bill? It is very likely that one day or another you will need to contact the service department of your operator.

Several factors must be taken into account: is the hotline quickly reachable (phone/chat)? Does the operator have full online support? Is support available from social networks like Twitter or Facebook? Does the service provider have a shop near me?

The modem and the decoder:

Some operators provide their subscribers with a modem and a TV decoder (subject to eligibility). The technical characteristics and the functionalities of these equipment can influence the choice of your Internet subscription. Questions you must admit before switching includes:

  • Can the modem and decoder be connected via Wi-Fi (to avoid cables and CPL sockets)?
  • Does the decoder have a recorder? If so, with what storage capacity?
  • The Box and the decoder have a mobile application?

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