Couples are currently confused about how to get down in bed amid the social distancing and isolation rules during this coronavirus lockdown. Well, the fact is that, even if it is wise to adhere to the instructions from health practitioners as you remain indoors, locking down your bed activities is not necessary. Let’s show you how to cope:
1. Is it safe to sleep with each other?: Sharing the same environment should not alter your intercourse activities in any way. The only time you need to give yourselves space is when one of you starts to show symptoms of coronavirus.
2. Intercourse with someone new?: Right now, this is a bad idea. The risk that comes with it is quite high since you are familiar with the person in any way. The social distancing rule must apply strictly in this case.
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3. Should I use a condom or not?: Making use of a condom during intercourse will not save you from getting infected if you are doing it with anyone that is a carrier. Condoms only prevent pregnancy or STDs, anything else is a risk.
4. How can I maintain my sexual relationship amid the outbreak?: Communication is key. That you see each other regularly nowadays does not mean you both have to do it every time. You can explore new things like telling erotic stories to each other, sex chat, phone intercourse, it does not have to be physical all the time.

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