We all know that Instagram is a place for someone who likes online business. A good marketing strategy makes online businesses smooth in selling. Instagram users are mostly teenagers, school children, and students. For this reason, an online businessman must sell products that are appropriate for their age. Usually, the products in demand are products for women, such as clothes, make-up equipment, cosmetic products, fashion, and others.

Then, what about men? For men, it is rare, because it is women who like shopping, not men. But it is possible for men also to buy products on Instagram. Technology products such as gadgets, laptops, cameras, chargers, and cellphone accessories are definitely liked by men.

So, for those who want an online business on Instagram, you have to define your target market, young people or parents. Instagram’s online business strategy is to prioritize photos and videos. This means that photos and videos are very influential because people are definitely interested in attractive photo and video packaging products. Here is a marketing strategy for making quality videos for online businesses on Instagram.

1. Add logos to your video

Logos have a big influence in the business world. Every store must have a certain logo, whether the logo is a name or an image. Add your store logo to every video you make, and you can put it in the top right corner or the bottom right corner. Make the logo as attractive and unique as possible. If possible, not only on the video but also on all the photos you upload.

Apart from being a sign, the logo can also be used as a watermark so that others don’t copy or duplicate it. Creating a logo is easy. Just use Photoshop or an online logo maker like DesignEvo. For example, to make a logo“ABC.com,” just add an icon on the front that is unique and attractive. No need to be colorful.

2. Create an attractive title

This strategy usually doesn’t only exist on Instagram, but many internet marketers also use it in writing the title of their writing. Bloggers also often create curious titles. For example, try to open a news site, surely all the titles are sensational.

Try this strategy on making your video title to attract more Instagram users. But you have to be honest and don’t deceive them. The point is to make a unique title and its “WOW.” Don’t forget to add every video a complete description and hashtags that are trending but still adjust to the videos you upload.

3. Focus on your product

If you make a video about the tablet, then the focus is on the video on the tablet, and if you make a video about the smartphone, then focus the video on the smartphone. Don’t mix up your smartphone and tablet. But you have to be really creative in making product videos because the duration of videos from Instagram is very short. So in that short time, you have to prepare a really good and mature idea.

Don’t also forget to include every product you sell with the product’s hashtag. For example a smartphone product, you can create the hashtag #Smartphone or #SamsungGalaxy21. Or if you want, you can add a hashtag directly to the video. It’s definitely more unique and effective.

4. Equipment for making videos

Gadgets and Laptops are the main keys to making quality videos. Gadget as a tool to take video while the laptop as a tool for video editing. If the specifications of your Android camera are very good and clear in taking photos, then it can be an advantage. And of course, you have to make the most of it.

Don’t just make videos through the camera. Try to be a little more creative by making simple cartoons through a video editor. It’s a bit difficult, but actually, it’s much more interesting than just making videos through the camera features.

5. Include humor and creativity in every video

Try to include a sense of humor in every video content you upload, even if it’s just a little. Or if you want to make all the videos in the humor genre, your followers will continue to increase. And automatically, your online business will be successful. Making videos with humorous content themes is preferred over video content that is too formal.

For example, content for promotional videos for clothes embedding humorous things will look more creative and attract attention, especially if there is a product endorsement model, it will be maximized. You also have to arrange the promotional video ideas in a concise and easy-to-understand or to-the-point way so that the purpose and promotional message of the video is easily conveyed.

Video content in a creative business must also have a clear call to action. This can provoke the audience’s interest who visits your account to provide a response or comment because your promotional video content will seem authentic and have its own character or not look the same as other business accounts.

6. Run a Giveaway

Try to challenge all your followers about the products you sell. If you win, then you can give a free gift (Giveaway) without paying a penny. This strategy is usually used for someone who has just created an online store or better known as a big discount.

Try to pay attention to online stores. The online store often creates giveaways with very great prizes, usual prizes for an iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy, and other expensive items. Who is not interested in trying! But if you give such a gift, it is definitely not possible. It’s simple, and you can give your own products to the followers as a giveaway.

7. Make an interaction video with followers

To increase audience engagement or followers, you must create a more modern video content strategy. For example, creating interaction video content contains Q&A, Request, Quiz, and the like. Creating a business promotion video on Instagram will look perfect by adding interactive videos to invite followers’ interactions. It doesn’t have to be full of product promotions.

Make sure your video content can attract a positive response from the audience so that they continue to follow your business. You also need to create interactive content that is responsive, funny, and can provide helpful solutions for your followers. In addition, they also do not hesitate to share with their friends to participate in your Instagram content.

8. Enhance your video with graphic and sound

As a supporting material, making Instagram videos will be more colorful and rhythmic if you add a touch of graphics and sound. Creating quality videos with additional graphic elements will make the content more unique and less boring. In addition, videos can also be supported with additional animated sounds or music to make the content more engaging.

Moreover, currently trending with promotional digital content combined with viral music. Of course, it’s not wrong to make promotional videos for products or services by adding trending music.


Someone who likes to do business on the internet must have a certain strategy in marketing products, starting from articles, advertisements, images, and videos, all of which are used. The goal is that the store he has can be popular and the products he sells can be sold.

In essence, the more audiences who follow or are interested in your business account either on Instagram or other social media, the more opportunities you will generate. Therefore, create interesting promotional content and have a positive impact. If there is something you need to say, please write it in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck!

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