Instagram posts: How consistent should you be in 2020?

Back in 2018, my IG account for my design business was doing quite okay. Each of my Instagram posts got not less than 150 likes after a couple of hours and some key hashtags. Then in the closing months of that same year, I took a break which extended into the first quarter of 2019.

I returned to a new algorithm that made me almost invisible to the audience I once had in the design and poetry community. I’m not alone in having that experience. There are lots of us struggling to return to that sweet spot of reach with our Instagram posts. That warrants the question; how often should one put up posts in other to attain the highest reach?

Keep reading. There’s some insight we can gain together.

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How Often Should You Put Up Instagram Posts?

Importance Of Posts

Ever since the new algorithm came into effect, it has become a tough task for brands as well as individuals to hit the jackpot of posting schedules. Now it’s not just about having enough followers and using the right hashtags. Back then you can see what people are liking and get introduced to new content. Now, all that’s gone.

In this era of the social media boom, brand marketing — although much more effective, has become a lot more complex than it ever was. Brands enjoy closeness with consumers; with that comes data which gives insight into what the target markets are interested in. But data is being churned out and evolving at a pace that’s impossible to keep up with.

The change in Instagram’s organic reach algorithm means that for one to have genuine engagement with their followers, there has to be freshness on their timeline. Frequent posts means more likes — which increases engagement and rewards you with growth in follower count.

Consistently feeding your audience with fresh, great content is what would keep them engaged with your brand and inspiring loyalty to it. Remember, you best content get to download videos from your audience.

Frequency Of Posts

So now that the importance of regular posting has been established, the question still remains; what number of posts would be considered decent enough?

Remember when we spoke about consistency in a previous post? Yes, that’s it. Post as many as you can keep up with over time. For most users, posting between one to three times is good enough for the day. Some can do more than that, but,the key here is to find what works best for you.

So the important thing for you to remember here is that if you cannot keep up with posting more than a certain number a day, then it’s better to keep it less and be consistent at that smaller number.

Things To Consider

You can get important insights into your posts engagement when you upgrade your account to a business profile. With that, you’d be able to know the demographic that engages with your content the most, where they are from (location), and what time of the day you can find them online. The information provided can guide you into deciding what to post, and how often to do so.

While posting just right would make you the darling of your audience, overdo it and you’ll be an annoying spammer.


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