When you’re a small fashion brand, you need to do more hard work to make your presence felt and get the best out of your Instagram marketing campaign. Of course, your aim should be on posting the best content, but you have to consider other important tips to ensure it all works in your favour.
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The good thing is to increase your likes first, and that is when you can think of buying the first few likes. Some companies are reputable and offer 10 Instagram likes for free. You can use those services to create some credibility, but be sure to remember the following tips as well.

  Research Your Hashtags

Hashtags are a crucial part of Instagram posts. Instagram users can search your posts under specific hashtags which gives you more exposure in your industry.
Using general hashtags like #fashion or #clothes are not effective especially in a vast and competitive industry like the fashion industry on Instagram. There are millions of posts under these general hashtags, and the number kept on increasing every minute. Your post is more likely to get lost in the pool of posts, and there are almost no chances for your posts to get exposure. The top posts featured by Instagram are posted by big brands with a larger number of followers.
If you are a small brand or emerging name in the fashion industry, you have to go beyond the boundaries and broaden your spectrum. Opt for the hashtags that are less common and more specified but relevant to your industry and brand theme. Like instead of just #clothes you can add hashtags like #clothesforwomen. Adding detailed hashtags make your posts more specified, and it has to face less competition. There are usually a few thousand posts under narrow hashtags which is much lesser as compared to general hashtags.
Adding unique yet researchable hashtags increases the chances of your posts to be viewed by a larger number of people. You can go for an alternate hashtag in place of a more generalized hashtag. For this purpose, you can take assistance from various online tools available for Instagram. These tools help you in searching alternative hashtags relevant to your niche that can go well on the Instagram search bar.

Focus On Engagement

Instagram algorithm rates you higher with your increasing engagement. Engage with other Instagram accounts in your industry specifically the ones using the same hashtags as yours. Like and encourage their efforts. Comment on their posts to show your appreciation and help them to grow. This will increase your exposure to the industry, and you will get a chance to learn from your fellow business owners. You will also get acknowledged about the latest trends in your industry and the popular demands of the customers.
To strengthen your bonds with other Instagram accounts in your industry, you can occasionally repost their stuff with their permission. Appreciate their efforts on your wall and tag them. This will encourage them for mutual collaboration and will be beneficial for both of you.

Opt For Influencers` Posts

Influencer posts play an important role in promoting your brand and help you in reaching your targeted audience. The top brands on Instagram also use the power of influencers and hire fashion icons to promote their products.
You don’t have to opt for big names in the industry or celebrities to promote your brand. Being a small entrepreneur, you can choose your influencer within your budget. Keep these two key things in your mind while collaborating for influencer posts.

  • Look out for people from your industry and related to your niche. The Instagram profile of the influencer must be compatible with the theme of your brand. Only relevant influencers with your targeted audience as their followers can help you grow and drive people on your profile.
  • Don’t just select an influencer by some followers instead focus on their engagement on their posts. Read their influencer posts for other brands and judge their sincerity by the content and engagement on those posts. Be vigilant while collaborating as people often opt for wrong ways to get fake followers and imitate false engagement.

So, always keep these posts in mind to make Instagram work for your fashion brand.
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