Instagram has now launched for Instagram Stories the new Quiz Stickers spotted in testing back in February. The quiz stickers is a way for users to create multiple-choice questions for their followers to answer.
The new Quiz Stickers are designed to provide another way to generate engagement with your Stories. They are used in the Stories and prompt feedback from your followers in an interactive way, like the poll sticker and emoji slider.

How to use it

To add the quiz stickers to your stories, it will be in the sticker tray. Just select it from the tray after taking a photo or video.
Now, type your question, then add the possible answers. You can only add between two to four possible answers.
After writing your question and selecting your possible answers, you now choose the correct answer and share it to your story.
How are you going to your audience’s answer?
When your followers or other users view the quiz sticker and submit their answers, you will see the answers in the list of story viewers.

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Why is Quiz Stickers so important?

Just like any other interactive sticker, the main reason this whole quiz stickers thing is engagement.
Brands are constantly in search of more new ways to get their message (products and services) across without having to invest so much. And engaging users on the Instagram platform proves to have good results.
Instagram already has poll stickers, but the quiz stickers are obviously the better option for engagements, though they’re similar. It adds more fun to your Stories, plus, the competitive element would make users want to be part.
Asking questions specifically related to your business can help your audience get to know you and your business.
Quiz stickers are available to use just update your Instagram app to access it. Learn more on the Instagram Stories Quiz Stickers.

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