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There are different marketing options which are innovative, and you can reap a lot of profit when you employ them for your business. The various types of social media platforms are a good source of traffic and can help you to boost the SEO of your website on different search engines. There are many types of marketing techniques which are majorly meant for ensuring that your business is successful and you can get a number of clients by virtue of the promotion that is being done with the help of the digital marketing methods. Have you ever wondered how the big brands ensure that they are always up to the rank in the search engines? They employ different types of professionals who know the SEO works well and also about marketing with the help of social media platform through Instagram and this, in turn, ensures that their SEO works are up to the mark.

Instagram insights

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Google+ are some of the most robust and active social media platforms which are accessed by millions of people across the world. The brands and various e-commerce websites are also turning to them for their potential in providing a significant boost in the amount of traffic that they get. Here we are going to provide some tips and suggestion which would help you out regarding the Instagram promotion in particular. With six million active users per month, the Instagram is a potent and influential platform which is suitable for all kinds of business. The brands can easily use Instagram for promotion and even sales. With the help of these tips, you can actually use Instagram for advertising and even sales for your e-commerce website and also create a brand name out of it.

Built an image brand

It is important that you use quality images on your Instagram page and be consistent without the quality of the image that you are using. It is important that you brand your image correctly which is a vital need when you are marketing your website for e-commerce through Instagram. Being consistent about the image is a way of gaining the trust of your clients since to a number of prospective clients being consistent is synonymous with the trust they have for your brand. When your clients feel that your brand is trustworthy enough, they are likely to buy more and more from your website, and you would be able to earn more profit. Be consistent about the uploads and have a proper color scheme of the images when it is essential.

Consistent visual imagery

There are many ways in which you can create consistent visuals on your website as well as the Instagram page. The images which you are uploading should be crisp and be very clear in terms of the image focusing. The blurred or low-quality image can actually make it difficult for your clients to understand what is being shown and they would lose interest. Your images which you are uploading should be such that it can hold on to the attention of the prospective clients. Also, the images which you are uploading should resonate the primary characteristics of your brand so that the people who are viewing the images can easily tell apart that it is related to your brand. Several images in the form of image tile which are laid together and meaningfully can actually represent your brand through the various branding characteristics. For example, if your brand is a line of clothing meant especially for sports, an array of consecutively uploaded six images which show different kinds of sports and activities can help the clients recognize your brand easily.

You can create the visual imagery with the help of various special tools meant for this purpose. You can use the software like Canva and then upload images to it and edit them with the help of the software before you upload them to your Instagram account. The followers for Instagram would be able to recognize your brand immediately when they view these tiles.

Engage your followers through inspirational posts

It is not essential that all your uploads have to be strictly related to your business. On an off day like a Sunday, upload an image that is artistic and not really related to your business. A good and candid photograph can actually grab the attention of your clients and also show them another side of your persona which can be very much captivating to them. Interact with your followers and take their opinion about the posts and through your interaction, you can even convert some of the followers into prospective clients. There are several tools and editing apps which you can use for such images. The tools like Picmonkey and beFunky are highly popular for this purpose. There are several tutorials online which would help you take a better image and employ these edits and filters correctly.

Use the right hashtags

Use hashtags which are related to the business and also trending. The Instagram is also a search engine, and with the right kind of hashtag, you can actually ensure that your post is boosted and stays up in terms of the rank it enjoys. The followers would be able to find your post and even the page with the help of the hashtags which is also very essential


It can be concluded that with the right kind of techniques for promotions which are subtle and innovative you can ensure that your Instagram account works wonder for the promotion of your e-commerce site. There are different types of plug-in and apps which would help you with this work as well and you can rely on them too.

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