IT infrastructure provider, Inlaks Ghana, has joined hands with South Korean original equipment manufacturer, Hyosung Inc. for new ultramodern ATMs to be introduced in Ghana.
These new ATMs are expected to provide a seamless experience, improve customer experience and security for financial institutions and their clients. For example, the Monisafe 500, one of the ATMs, also called the teller cash recycler, is built to increase branch efficiency in the cash handling process. This means customers can make cash deposits on terminals to eliminate errors on cash counting and counterfeit.
Inlaks Ghana’s country manager, Olufunmilayo Okubena, remarked that his company is helping to make banking life easy and convenient for bank customers, especially.
He said: “It is all about the customer. We are looking to offer the next generation technology to make the customer experience seamless in terms of ease of use and in terms of convenience for the customer where outside of just using your ATM cards, you can also get value-added services from the ATM.”

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