The coronavirus has hit the global economy very hard. A lot of businesses across several industries have been affected badly after the restrictions of movement imposed by various governments all across the globe. However, amid the scary outbreak, some industries remain untouched and are still booming, see a few of them below:
1. Healthcare: Obviously, when there is a virus affecting human health, the healthcare sector comes to the rescue. Nowadays, as expected, several medical products and services are in high demand, including surgical masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, vitamins and supplements and so on.
2. Social media: Everyone is active on social media these days. A recent survey by the London-based market research firm, Kantar, revealed that in thirty economies between March 14 and 24, WhatsApp enjoyed a 40% increase in usage because of the coronavirus outbreak. Facebook has also experienced a 37% increase in usage since the crisis started.
3. Telecommuting: Since too many people now work remotely, this is expected. Once seen as a luxury, telecommuting platforms are now seen as essentials due to the coronavirus outbreak and it is set to remain that way for a while.
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4. Gaming: The entertainment and sports industry has been hit massively since production, football leagues have all been halted across the globe. However, the online video gaming industry has benefited massively and their traffic keeps rising.
5. E-learning: For a lot of people, the lockdown is a period for self-improvement. Several humans are seizing the opportunity to boost their knowledge and expand their skill set by taking online courses for coding, fashion designing, foreign languages and so on. Parents are also enrolling their kids in online academic programs ahead of resumption.

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