Soon the ride-hailing section of the Ghanaian transport industry is sure to be more competitive. Existing operators like Uber, Bolt (previously known as Taxify), and newcomer Yango will be having some challenge on their hands as InDriver is about to launch in Ghana.
InDriver, the new ride-hailing service, has been operational for the last 5 years. It is already operating in a few places in Africa like Nairobi, Kenya; Cape Town, South Africa; and Tanzania.
Now, the company is spreading its wings to cover more locations in Africa. On the list of countries it’s about to launch in are Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda.
InDriver is definitely going to operate the same business likes of Uber, Bolt and Yango are doing so how can it possibly be a major competition to them? According to Tech Nova, InDriver is going to add more for its customers mainly and that’s what will make it a worthy competitor to the others.

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So what is InDriver actually bringing on board?

Riders and drivers can negotiate on fares

The other existing ride-hailing services (Uber and Bolt) give you the estimated fares when you request a ride to a destination, and this is where InDriver is coming with a different approach.
With InDriver, riders will be able to put forward their own fares (based on the pre-approved rates) for their journeys. Nearby drivers can then jump in to negotiate with the rider. Drivers would bring on a counteroffer or choose to reject completely if the offer isn’t good enough.


Lesser commission deductions

Uber takes about 25% in commissions from its drivers while Bolt averages at 15%. InDriver is bringing a better rate for drivers. Drivers will give the company just 5% – 8% in commission. Isn’t that really competitive?

Drivers earn more from hotspot destinations

As drivers would also be given the ability to control the fares, they get the opportunity to view destinations which are cited to be important other drivers. This is a bonus feature for InDriver drivers to make more.
At the moment, there’s no official date when InDriver will start operations in Ghana. But looking at what this company is bringing on board, it is definitely going to be a competitor to the existing ride-hailing companies.

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