Kola Nut: Side effects to the body
Photo Credit: medicalnewstoday.com

Kolanut is well known for the health benefits that its nutrients give, however, there are side effects if you consume it excessively. See Important side effects of Kola Nuts:

1. Increased blood pressure: If you are hypertensive, run from it because it is home to properties that increase the blood pressure. Elderly people need to consult a doctor before consuming it.
2. Insomnia: Because of the presence of caffeine in kola nut, you could lose sleep whenever you consume it. The caffeine disrupts your sleep by inhibiting the neurotransmitters which cause decreased brain activity.
3. It results in tremors (involuntary movements): Kola nut can affect the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system negatively. Its huge effect can cause shakiness, anxiousness and so on.

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