When slots were first created in the 19th century, graphics did not enter the equation. Instead, the actual machine had to do all the talking, and this was achieved through the physical presence of the actual slot. Obviously, they had to look appealing to get punters in, and this was left to the design and colours used to tempt players. As things developed, slots designers at Top10SlotGames had more advanced tools at their disposal, such as sound effects, music and colourful lighting. Even when slots were banned as gambling machines, the same techniques were used to attract parents into parting with their cash, to buy their children some sweets from slots that had become vending machines and fruit machines. 

Technology On The Move

Once gambling bans were confined to history, a clear passage of time was created when slots could develop with no further social interruptions. This led to technological advancements and further breakthroughs in the creation of more sophisticated slot games. In 1963 a major breakthrough saw the creation of the first electrical slot called Money Honey. By the 1970s, early attempts at video slots flooded the market; these featured modified TV screens that were used for the presentation of the slot game. With the new look in slots came new symbols, these included stars, crowns, 777 and gems. 

The Digital Revolution 

During the early 1990s, the world witnessed a sea change in technology, and this was felt across the board around the globe. Whether it was business, computing or entertainment, all who came before, was about to become obsolete very quickly. The entertainment industry was quick to feel the effects of digital technology and the gaming and film world were first to display the potential of this new technology to the masses. The gambling industry quickly followed and embraced digital technology with open arms, and this secured the future of the industry for the foreseeable future. 


Online Gambling 

The digital revolution allowed the gambling industry to flourish online. This came in the form of online casinos that could be accessed by the masses through the internet. This innovation also produced the first virtual video slot that was created by WMS Industries Inc. Reel Em was the first slot to feature a second screen bonus, and this opened the door to the creation of hundreds of video slots with superior graphics that utilized digital technology to the max.

Modern Slots 

Graphics improvements are vital to the health of the online slots industry. Thanks to video games and cinema raising the graphics bar, poor quality slots will simply not be tolerated by a generation brought up on state-of-the-art gaming consoles and CGI cinema. Slots games have to continually move with these technological times if they are to keep on attracting the young, who are the future of the slots industry. This is why slots creators have already embraced 3D and Virtual Reality, and now they are adding these elements to the slots of the very near future, that offers a fully immersive gaming experience that is similar to their video gaming cousins.
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