Guzakuza Organization has opened applications for eligible female agribusiness professionals to apply for the 2021 edition of its Ignite programme.
Ignite is an Agribusiness programme that is designed to spark the creation of jobs and wealth in young women through Agripreneurship. The programme nurtures and turns ground-breaking ideas into profitable and sustainable Agribusinesses.
Female agribusiness professionals who qualify to join the programme will earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness certified by the London Academy of Professional Training, UK and Enterprise Risk Management – Africa.

Apply now and enjoy the under-listed benefits

  1. Earn a globally recognised certification
  2. Acquire Agribusiness, Human and Conceptual skills
  3. Professional Networks and Opportunities
  4. Coaching and Mentorship
  5. Access to Ready Market
  6. Access to Investors

Ignite 2021 is free for applicants who do not wish to earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness.  Applicants who wish to earn a Postgraduate diploma virtually would be required to pay a subsidised fee of $1,300.
There is also a blended opportunity for applicants who wish to earn a Postgraduate diploma and also get assessed by external examiners. By paying $1,600, they will get the chance to spend two (2) weeks on their businesses at the Ignite residence.

How to Apply

Visit to apply or find more information on scholarship opportunities.

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