Every PC user has had the need for a screen recorder at one point or another. Whether to record video lessons or capture a part of your video gameplay, screen recorders are an important accessory for tech enthusiasts.
IObit recently launched its iFun Screen Recorder and if you were on the search for a way to record your screen on PC, consider the search to be over because this piece of software does a lot you’ll be happy about.

What’s fun about iFun Screen Recorder?

The software, which is free to download and use has some excellent features that make it something worth installing on your computer.
iFun Screen Recorder
It is easy to download and install. The download size is 30MB and you’ll need a minimum of 100MB disk space reserved for the iFun Screen Recorder. There’s a guided tutorial on the IObit website to help you get started.

Recording: What’s on offer?

If you are a gamer, Youtuber, or a content creator of some sort, the iFun Screen Recorder would interest you as it gives you the convenience of being able to record with the facecam as well as recording customized sections of your screen.
iFun Screen Recorder
That aside, you can rest assured of having unlimited recording time; enabling you to record for longer periods without having to break the flow of screen capture. And the sweet thing is that the video will be captured in high definition (HD).
Also, you can capture screenshots while the recording is ongoing. So there’s no need to pause your video in order to capture a perfect shot.
One more thing… if your video requires some vocal input from you, the mic feature can be enabled so you can add your commentary as you record.


The recorder provides over 10 different output formats for you to save your recording. This enables your finished project to be compatible across multiple devices and also allow you to easily convert from one format to another. Some screen recorders leave you to the mercy of third-party apps for some specific quick video editing features. With iFun, however, those features are included in the software.

Things to remember:

This is what iFun Screen Recorder offers you…
— One-click streaming and storage on Google Drive, as well as on YouTube.
— Support for nearly 37 languages.
— Facecam and voice recording.
— Over 10 out formats for saving your work.
— Record your games, tutorials, and content videos in 4K resolutions up to 60 fps.
— Prevent the system from sleeping during recordings.
— Customize the mouse pointer. This is important for tutorials, in order to get viewers attentive.
— Add click animations and specify hotkeys as well as add a countdown towards a recording.
— Features a GPU hardware acceleration technology. This ensures system stability and prevents system crashes during editing and recording.


— Limited when compared to the Pro version.
— Only compatible only with Windows devices.
— Some platforms detect when it is in use.

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