Idoma people
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The Idoma people are not just humble, they are very hospitable too. Popular for being the 2nd largest ethnic group in Benue State and occupying 9 local government areas in the western part of the state, the Idoma people are mostly found in Ado, Agatu, Apa, Obi, Ohimini, Ogbadibo, Oju, Okpokwu & Otukpo local government areas. However, their history is not documented and it made lots of Nigerians and Africans wonder who they really are. See Things you should know about Idoma people:

1. The Idoma marriage: Even if their marriage rites and customs are identical to that of the Igbos, there are certain aspects that set them apart. After the people of Idoma receive a bride price, the groom and his family will still give the bride some cash on marriage day. If she accepts the money, she accepts the marriage, if she rejects, he is not her husband.

2. The Idoma belief: Most Idoma people believe in the Alekwu, the ancestral spirit that serves as a link between the living and the dead. In fact, every year, an “Aje Alekwu” festival holds and sacrifices are offered by the people in celebration.

3. The Idoma food: Known for adoring good food, the Idomas host a yearly food festival to celebrate their ladies and their several traditional cuisines. The most popular one is the Okoho soup, made from Okoho plant, bush meat and so on.


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