iCommuter is a cashless and technology-driven bespoke luxury transport service introduce in Accra to commute passengers from point-to-point within the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area.
Have you had enough of the uncomfortable long-queue or the long-wait just for the bus to be full to get to work daily? You don’t have to go through all this hassle in getting a car to work and back.
Enjoy the pleasure of getting to work or home in style with world-class point-to-point luxury shuttle service that provides you comfort and convenience.
One can reserve a seat by either booking online or use the USSD shortcode and pay using mobile money.
Passengers will reliably be informed of planned departure times to ensure that all are on board before departure. An allotted time period of 30 minutes (say 5:30 – 6:00 am) will be given for boarding.
icommunte does not wait but moves as scheduled and does not stop on transit to pick anyone on the way.
On board, use wifi to get work done or chat with friends, or just relax and get ready for your day. Arrive at work relaxed, and ready to go. In the evening, arrive refreshed and ready to spend time with the people you care about.
The service is currently being piloted from  Lapaz to Tema, and back.

Benefits of using iCommuter:

  1. Television on board
  2. Comfortable adjustable seats
  3. Fully air-conditioned
  4. USB Charging for your smart devices
  5. Free 4G Wifi

Passengers that subscribe to their loyalty programme by making weekly, fortnightly and monthly tickets get cheaper than daily cumulative cost.

How to book a seat for your next trip

You can either sign up and book online by clicking here or dial 711111# and follow the prompt.

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