iBoysoft Data Recovery: Farewell, Data Loss

iBoysoft Data Recovery software

It is widely acknowledged that data is one of the most valuable assets in modern society. Unfortunately, data loss happens more often than ever before. Of course, there are ways to avoid data loss such as backing up files frequently, ejecting disks safely, running anti-virus software regularly and so on. However, the chance of data loss is still there when the unexpected happens. It could happen to anybody and any devices at any time.

For example:

  • you accidentally deleted important files on a computer and emptied the Trash or the Recycle Bin.
  • You mistakenly reformatted a volume.
  • When you were transferring the files between a removable disk and a computer, the power went off unexpectedly.
  • After you connected a disk to a computer, error messages popped up saying your disk was not readable or recognized.

Recently we came across a data recovery tool that can solve all mentioned problems. It is iBoysoft Data Recovery. We reviewed the data recovery software for you to help you have an overview of it before using it.


Recover deleted or lost files

iBoysoft Data Recovery can recover nearly all types of deleted or lost files due to various reasons. It can recover images, videos, documents, music, audio, emails files, archive files, etc. due to software crash, sudden power outrage, disk corruption, partition loss or any other reasons. This software has advanced algorithm to scan for deleted or lost files on the selected volume or disk. It recovered all files we deleted intentionally for the test. The success rate dropped a little bit when it came to recover the lost files and the files we deleted a long time ago. It is very typical for data recovery software, because many factors can affect the recoverability of the lost files. Generally speaking, if you perform data recovery as soon as you are aware of data loss, the success rate will be very high with iBoysoft Data Recovery.Recover deleted or lost files

Recover data from all storage devices

iBoysoft Data Recovery works for all common storage devices like internal hard disks, USB flash drives, SD memory cards, memory sticks, CF cards, external hard drives and so on. We would like to say it is really an all-in-one data recovery tool both for Windows and MacOS. Additionally, it can deal with the tougher data loss situations in which the volumes are formatted, corrupted, lost, deleted, or even encrypted by native encryption tool in Windows and macOS.

Quick scan and Deep Scan

The software provides two scan modes to better serve the users. For deleted files, you can select an entire disk or a volume and click on the “Next” button. The default Quick scan mode will finish scanning in a few seconds. For lost files, especially caused by the logic errors on a disk, you usually will need use Deep scan mode. Select a disk instead of a volume, check “Deep scan” at the bottom, and then click on the “Next” button. Deep scan mode will rebuild the logic on a disk and find the lost files for you. Accordingly, it takes longer time. You will find it worth waiting.

Note: We noticed that if you want to use iBoysoft Data Recovery to recover data from an SD card, you should keep Deep Scan ticked all the time for best scanning results.

Quick scan and Deep Scan

Preview before recovering

Once you have scanning results, you can choose which files to restore. To help users find desired files faster instead of recovering many unwanted files, iBoysoft Data Recovery is equipped with a few useful pre-recovery features. It has file filters to show all files or only deleted files at the left lower corner. Also, you can use the search box to search for a specific file or a specific file type. Most importantly, the detailed information of a selected file including thumbnail, file name, file size and data recreated will be displayed. You can better understand the files and know if they are recoverable too.

Preview before recovering Easy to use

We know people are eager to get the lost data back and not in the mood to study the manual. iBoysoft Data Recovery completes the data recovery process with a few clicks. Its interface is so user-friendly that we even didn’t read the online help document provided on iBoysoft’s official website when we tested it. The data recovery process goes smoothly without any counterintuitive operations. No experience in using data recovery software? This software is made for you then.


After reviewing the software, we can say iBoysoft Data Recovery is very efficient, effective, and reliable. We have tested it out in different data loss scenarios and with different devices. We are satisfied with its performance. If you are looking for data recovery software, give iBoysoft Data Recovery a chance to say farewell to the data loss.

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