Hugo ML job training Ghana
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Popular African data annotation company, Hugo ML, is about to unveil a free online webinar training to prepare West African graduates to join today’s multi-billion dollar digital economy. The news online series will aid participants to understand and work in the digital workspace with Hugo ML sharing insights.

The 4-part informative series will center on topics like Remote Work and the Digital Economy, Accessing Global Remote Work Opportunities, An Introduction to Data Annotation for Machine Learning, and Navigating “Work From Home”: challenges in an African context.

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Simone Bartlett, HugoML co-founder had this to say, “Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing every aspect of daily life, but gender and racial bias exists in many AI-enabled technologies. It is therefore critical that young Africans are contributing to these technologies shaping their lives. And equally important that we have equal access to jobs created in the field.”

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