Today’s modern workplace or home studying setup will definitely have more than just one display. Be it a mixture of tablets and smartphones or even with laptops thrown in, it is a given that we are taken over by multiple connected devices.
However, while having more devices at the ready does mean that you can run multiple things together, it does not necessarily mean you can boost productivity levels. To do that, you need a simple solution that brings it all together in one place and that is exactly what Huawei does with the Multi-Screen Collaboration feature and a wide range of new features found on EMUI 11.
Let’s consider this scenario: You are completely focused on your work, buried deep into your reports and such, and you get a call. You stop what you are doing and pick up the call. Once it’s over, you get back to your emails, but then someone sends you a text on your phone and in that text is an attachment you need for your report.
You then send it via email or a transfer to your laptop, so that you can download it again to add it in. Or what about when you get a video call and you prop up your phone next to your laptop so you can pay attention to both. All of this simply sounds so tedious and disruptive!
Huawei’s Multi-screen collaboration Pin
Huawei provides you with a solution to this mess and it’s actually quite simple. Pick up your Huawei smartphone, like the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro and tap it on the compatible HUAWEI MateBook X. Through NFC and HUAWEI Share, the smartphone display is instantly streamed wirelessly on the laptop screen and what’s more, you can open up to 3 apps at the same time all thanks to the new Multi-Screen Collaboration.
This is made possible mainly by having Huawei devices connected under its HUAWEI Seamless AI Life ecosystem with the help of HUAWEI ID.
But it’s more than just having your smartphone display on your laptop because this opens up doors to a wide range of control and interactive features. For instance, you can control both devices together using the peripherals connected to your laptop and you can view notifications and respond to messages on both devices with ease.
This also allows for easier file transfer between devices, essentially by simply dragging and dropping from one device to the other, allowing for smartphone-laptop interaction like never before! You can also enjoy content from your smartphone on your laptop display, making it more enjoyable to watch videos or play games.


With EMUI 11, you get another upgrade, where you can have multiple windows of your smartphone open on the laptop screen to run different apps side-by-side. Thanks to this, you can read something on a browser, edit something in the NotePad and even chat with friends all at the same time!
You can also set a Do Not Disturb mode, which will limit notifications exclusively to your smartphone, avoiding any and all kinds of distractions for maximum focus and productivity.
Huawei’s Multi-screen collaborationPin


HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro

EMUI 11 also brings in more features that can help you boost your productivity from your smartphone. For example, the Always-On-Display is replaced with an Eyes-On-Display that only lights up when you look at it. This way, not only is your battery life saved, but your privacy is also ensured. You can also setup your HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro on a stand and with the new AI Air Gesture features, you can swipe or press the air to control your phone, perfect in scenarios where your hands are dirty or wet.
All of these enhanced interactivity features only help in boosting productivity. In an era where multiple screens have become common, having everything seamlessly connected is the right solution for an immersive experience.
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