Leading Global ICT Company, Huawei has donated an ultramodern intelligent Video Conferencing Facility to Ghana’s Ministry of Communications to facilitate effective remote communication and data sharing between the Ministry and other local and international organisations during this COVID-19 pandemic period.
The donation which took place on Monday, 14th May 2020 at the Ministry of Communication Office Complex saw the unveiling of a fully installed video conferencing facility with all the needed accessories to facilitate clear interaction between the ministry staff and stakeholders in any virtual session.
Receiving the items on behalf of the Ministry, Mrs Ursula Owusu Ekuful (MP), expressed gratitude to Huawei for their continuous support of the sector, especially during this period within when digital technology was essential to defeat the pandemic.
Managing Director at Huawei Ghana, Tommy Zhouwei said; “As the sector Ministry responsible for connectivity and Communications Technology, the Ministry plays a pivotal role aiding Ghana in the fight against COVID-19 through ICT. All over the world ICT has proven to be a formidable tool not only in controlling the spread and combating COVID-19, but also play a crucial role in our livelihoods, from work to leisure and more importantly economy during this pandemic period. Therefore as a global leading ICT Company, we hope to continue to support our sector Ministry and the Government of Ghana the best way we can to win this battle through innovative technologies.”
He also added that Huawei is grateful to the Government of Ghana for its exemplary leadership on the continent in fighting the spread of the novel Corona Virus. He also lauded the government for the measures it has put in place to protect citizens and businesses.
Also, in ensuring that student study effectively without being exposed to the virus, Huawei has partnered with some major universities like the University of Ghana, KNUST, GTUC among others to offer remote ICT classes to interested students free of charge.
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