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Popular smartphone company, Huawei has come out to say that its surveillance tech will ensure African cities are safe amid controversies about whether it might be misused.

According to the tech brand, the technology will not violate human rights because they develop tech, not public policy. Huawei revealed that public policy is the job of policymakers and legislators and they do not manage, use or have access to any of the systems involved since their role is to only sell and train the right people on how to use it.

Adam Lane, the senior director of Public Affairs for Huawei’s Southern Africa division had this to say, “Huawei develops technology, not public policy. That is the role of policymakers and legislators.”

“Huawei does not manage, use or have access to any of our systems—we only sell them to the customer and train them how to use it. It is up to individual countries to set their own policies, regulations, and laws to govern how such systems are used, and for their legal systems to ensure implementation.”

“Around the world in developed countries as well as developing countries, facial recognition cameras are being trialed to help identify, locate and catch criminals which can both improve crime conviction rates and thus also improve deterrence.”

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