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Huawei Consumer Business Group, SA is already putting additional measures in place at its stores to safeguard the health of the company’s employees and customers. Currently, Huawei service workers are expected to wear masks and gloves at all times and have their temperature tested 3 times daily to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Also, as customers enter the store, they are immediately asked to sanitize their hands thoroughly before doing anything else. In addition to that, the smartphones customers come with, regardless of brand, will be sanitized with a special cleaning machine when they walk in and will be cleaned one more time after they have been repaired.

Likun Zhao, VP of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Middle East & Africa (Southern Africa), had this to say, “Huawei’s customers and staff have always been our number one priority, and this is even more important in these uncertain times we find ourselves in. We at Huawei are committed to the highest levels of service, and this is another way we are putting our customers first.”

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