Huawei postpones the release of its first 5G phone, Mate X

Huawei postpones 5G phone Mate X release
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Huawei’s first 5G smartphone, the foldable tablet-phone hybrid Mate X will no longer be released this month, but in September.

The Chinese brand, currently in the news for its recent troubles with Google spoke to CNBC recently that the postponement is for the extra tests that are required after the massively publicized struggles of Samsung’s identical Galaxy Fold.

Huawei hinted that their own concerns are software-related.

However, one amazing thing future Mate X owners can be happy about is the fact that the smartphone will be shipped with Google’s Android OS, a confusion that arose when Huawei got the ban from doing business with America. Huawei is presently testing 3rd-party applications to ensure Mate X’s phone and tablet modes can be easily switched. They are also collaborating with carriers to deliver effective network performance.

Huawei postpones 5G phone Mate X release

As terrible as the ban has been for Huawei’s fortunes (a ban which caused the disappearance of Huawei 5G devices from a few carrier release schedules outside of America,) the company feels its struggles could get tougher if Mate X does not meet and surpass expectations.

A Huawei spokesperson disclosed, “We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation.”

There are no certainties right now about if sales of early foldable devices will be as expected, but the signals currently hint at “No.”

The almost $2,000 price tag for Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was already preventing interest from consumers even before its screen problems started manifesting, and because of the Mate X’s higher price and software concerns, it could be a more risky investment, whether its hardware is top-notch or not.

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