At the launch of the Huawei P10 in Ghana in May, I heard a lot about the phone and wanted to know if indeed, the experience was worth the hype.
Upon my working visit to Huawei’s Plush Accra Regional Head Office last week, I had the opportunity of having a first-hand experience with the latest P Series flagship.
For its caliber, the Huawei P10 is relatively small to other flagships. It fits perfectly in the hands and to me, that is a plus. It also comes with amazing camera features and the Huawei supercharge feature.
Could this phone match up head-to-head with the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8? This review will reveal just that.
To begin with, I must confess my admiration for the package of the Huawei P10. With the cover sliding from left to right, the unboxing experience was simply amazing.
The package comes with Earphones with a microphone, Huawei Supercharge fast charger (5V-2A / 4.5V-5A / 5V-4.5A), USB Type-C cable, Clear case, SIM ejector tool and a Quick start guide.

According to Huawei, the P10 “sets an industry benchmark for style and craftsmanship with the first hyper diamond-cut finishing on a smartphone, which adds strength and colour. Finishes also available in high gloss and sandblast.” The P10 comes in various unique colors on the market: rose gold (which will only be available in China), Dazzling Gold, Prestige Gold, Mystic Silver, Graphite Black, White, Dazzling Blue and Greenery.

Key Features

  • 5.1-inch display
  • 3200mAH battery capacity
  • Android OS 7.0
  • Camera: 12MP Dual, 20MP main and 8MP Front
  • Memory: 4GB RAM, 64 GB ROM

The device, which costs GHC2,730 only, can be bought at any authorized Huawei shop around you.


The Huawei P10 has a 5.1-inch screen with a front-positioned fingerprint scanner which also serves as the home, back and recent button below the 5.1-inch display.
The bottom of the phone contains a speaker, the USB port, and the headphone jack. On the right-hand side, you have the volume and power buttons.

The back of the phone is designed in such a way that it gives you a firm grip of the phone, making it difficult for it to slip from your hand. Other smartphones come with a very smooth back which makes it easy to slip from your hand and also get stained with fingerprints (that makes the phone unattractive).


It comes with a twin rear camera, co-engineered with Leica which gives it some nice quality shots (20MP B&W sensor and 12MP colour sensor).
The camera software comes with some amazing features (professional mode, portrait and many more) which make it very fun and easy to use for all purposes.
Playing with both the rear and selfie cameras, here are some pictures I took:

Huawei P10 Battery

During my about 2 hr use of the phone (playing with the camera, music and other software components), the battery only dropped by 10%.
Its non-removable battery has a capacity of 3,200mAh which can last you a full day on limited to medium usage. There is a fast charging feature that comes with the phone.

My Verdict

I fell in love with the P10 for the amazing camera, it’s size (a lot of phones with its kind of specs are bigger) and battery. Since I’m almost always on the move, I’d love using a phone that has fast-charging features and the Huawei P10 has just that. The sound is also great.
Unless you are such a heavy user, the Huawei P10 is the phone to go for in terms of power and battery use. For those who love taking selfies, check out my selfies and judge for yourself. The P10 is the phone for you; you can’t go wrong in a picture with Leica camera of the P10.
However, aside from its beautiful design, I don’t think it can match up with the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of its battery life and the camera (even though it has some features which are outstanding) but surely a good alternative for its pricing bearing in mind it is a premium phone.

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