Huawei nova 7i

Huawei’s Nova series is a family of sleek smartphones usually residing in the mid-range price line. The company is about to introduce these smartphones onto the Ghanaian market soon.

The first of the Nova series getting its official debut on the Ghanaian market in 2020 is the Nova 5T. This smartphone, like its siblings in the Huawei Nova family, offers a pretty wonderful smartphone experience for users.

According to the company, the Nova series is targeted for the younger generation thus, the unique aesthetic design, which incorporates fashion with edge-cutting tech. In a press statement, Huawei asserted that the Nova family “is the standard for trendiness, a phone for millennials and fashion-conscious users” if the P and Mate series are yardsticks for “smartphone cameras” and “futuristic technology”.

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Huawei also assured that with the Kirin chipset in the Nova phones, lagging won’t be a problem users would have to worry about as the processors provide “a fluid user performance, with an instantly responsive touchscreen, smooth operations, and lag-free gaming and video streaming.

The date for the introduction of the Huawei Nova series has not been revealed yet, but with the recent global launch of the Nova 7i, we are hopeful the date will be released pretty soon.


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