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HP has garnered a sizable fanbase over the years due to their promise of quality hardware and quality service. It also helps that their Spectre laptops remain some of the best laptops available for purchase right now, though I’m sure some would debate that.

This past week saw HP make waves in the news again, as their published press release for the HP Spectre x360 13 surfaced, showing off every detail about the laptop. Amongst these details were some incremental upgrades, moderate upgrades, and some interesting partnerships. Enough talking it up though, let’s get into the press release and see what HP has been working on.

The Low-Down on the Press Release

HP starts the press release by showing off the improvements they’ve made to the display and design. Amongst these improvements are the following:

  • A 90% screen-to-body ratio, showing off the thinnest bezels of any Spectre laptop.
  • An option for a 4K OLED screen with True Black HDR – a rare display type for laptops.
  • Lastly, the premium aluminum chassis HP Spectre laptops are known for.

Overall, not much has changed on the display side of things, though the 4K OLED screen is a nice addition, though I expect that to be quite costly. However, the Spectre line was always expensive, so there’s no surprise there.

Moving on, we see the internals of the laptop. There’s a lot of upgrades made here, so I’ll try to keep things short.

  • The Intel 8k series is being phased out in favour of Intel’s new 10k processors.
  • Alongside the CPU, the GPU will be upgraded from an Intel UHD 620 to the Intel Iris Plus, Both of these upgrades promise double the performance of older models.
  • The specific battery model is unknown, though HP promises a 22-hour battery life.
  • Upgraded internal NIC card, allowing “122% faster (Internet) speeds” compared to the previous Cat9 configuration.
  • Verification from Intel’s Project Athena program, the latest innovation program for laptops and other devices.

2x the performance of the previous model–which is only a year old–is a brave claim to make, and since the laptop will not be released until later this October, there’s no disproving or proving the claim, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

The security side is where things get a bit interesting, and where this laptop separates itself from HP’s other Spectre laptops:

  • A switch to turn on/off your webcam, allowing 100% privacy concerning your webcam.
  • A mute button for the integrated microphone w/ an LED indicator.
  • An optional privacy screen (won’t be available until January 2020).
  • A 30-day free trial for ExpressVPN and LastPass, both programs preinstalled.

I’m a sucker for more security, so I love these features. What took me by surprise was HP’s new partnership with ExpressVPN, hence the 30-day free trial–LastPass as well.

Overall, this laptop looks like one of the more security-oriented laptops on the market, and hopefully, it lives up to the expectation.


I’ve used HP products all my life, though I’d be lying if I said all of them worked as expected. Nonetheless, I trust the company and I trust this product. While I didn’t care much for another new laptop, the security features, especially the ExpressVPN/LastPass partnership, changed my mind and caught my attention.

Hopefully, HP’s new Spectre x360 13 lives up to the hype it’s drummed up with the press release. Even if it doesn’t, HP’s partnership with cybersecurity companies seems like a trend that could catch wind with other tech companies, which I look forward to.


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