A new season in Serie A has started, which is being followed by fans from all over the world. If you want to not only watch the games, but profit from them on a regular basis as well, register at a reliable office and specify 1xBet promo code. This will enable you to get a generous bonus, which is easy to convert into forecasts for the games involving Sampdoria. This summer, the team wasn’t especially active on the transfer market. Only at the end of August, the club managed to agree on the transfer of Radu Dragushin from Juventus.

The young Romanian defender moved to Sampdoria on a one-year loan. At Juventus, he had little playing practice, which is extremely important at his age. Now, we’ll see how he will be able to join the new team and become a part of it.

Meanwhile, make predictions for the games involving Dragushin’s new club. Specify a promo code for 1xBet, and you will surely get a good reward, which you will be able to convert easily into new forecasts for Sampdoria’s games. The season is just gaining momentum, so you will have a lot of chances to demonstrate your knowledge.

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Potentially strong points of the team

It is easy to enjoy betting when working not only via a computer, but via a mobile device as well. Download 1xBet apk, and you will get access to all the platform’s functions. You can also make predictions for the games of Sampdoria, which is quite capable of finishing in the middle of the standings. The team’s strong points are as follows:

  1. Many young talented performers in the squad. If they keep progressing like in the previous campaign, the club is quite capable of reaching a qualitatively new level.
  2. The main stars’ vast experience. There are a lot of top performers who have been playing at the top level. They know perfectly well what should be done to achieve the required results. Their experience and personal skills are the most important trump cards of the Genoese.
  3. Experienced coaching staff. Specialists implement bold ideas and schemes. This doesn’t always immediately bring results, but it is always interesting to watch the games involving Sampdoria.
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Meanwhile, download the apk file for 1xBet and make predictions for what you like. The season has already gained momentum, which means that interesting games are waiting for us on a regular basis. Now, you can not only watch them but make your own forecasts and hit a really big jackpot, with no problems with placing the bets.

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