Online taxi applications let you hire cabs as a passenger or get yourself signed in as a driver.

There are a few of them in this part of the world, but the 2 well-known ones are Uber and Taxify.

Uber is a San Francisco-based company that was founded 10 years ago. It is presently operational in more than six hundred cities in more than 65 nations. It is accessible in 13 sub-Saharan Africa cities, including Lagos, Abuja, Accra and Nairobi.

5 years ago, Uber started to operate in Naija, giving the country her very first ride-hailing service.

Taxify, meanwhile, now known as Bolt, is an Eastern European taxi company that has made its presence felt in 20 cities in about 15 nations. It stormed Lagos 3 years ago.

How can i join online taxi service as a driver?

For Uber:

1. Upload your documents.
2. Ensure you have a valid Nigerian driving licence.
3. Complete a safety screening.
4. View a brief training clip.
5. You must be at least 21 years of age.
6. You should have a driver profile picture. It has to be a forward-facing, centred picture which must include your complete face and top of shoulders. There should be no sunglasses.

For Taxify:

1. Plus the listed requirements above, you need vehicle registration evidence, car insurance evidence and you must have no criminal record.


Taxi fare?

For Uber in Lagos State, the base fare is N200, a N5.5 for one minute fee and a N55 for one km charge.

For FCT, the base fare is more. It goes for N220 and the cost for one km and one minute stays the same.

How can i order an e-taxi?

Before anything else, to register for the service, either on the site or through the application. Installation of the Android or iOS application is needed. After that, when you need a cab, launch the app to set up a pickup location. When that is done, ask for a ride and a driver will accept the commission.

How can i order without the app?

Yes, it is possible. It can be done via a browser. You can simply open an account and ask for a ride.

How long will it take to be activated on the driver application?

When you are done with your application online, you can begin to drive in 7 days time. In uncommon cases, the background check might take about 14 days. Immediately you are activated, an email will be sent to you.

Vehicle requirement?

Uber and Taxify will ask for four-door cars. These cars are Toyota (Corolla, Camry), Nissan (Almera, Sunny), Honda (Accord), and Kia (Picanto, Rio, minivans, SUVs, Sedans.

Salvaged cars will not be accepted and the cars have to be at least, a 2003 model.

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