In the weeks leading up to your move, you were proactive in submitting your change of address. You went to Google to “change my address” and learned how to do so via the US Postal Service.
But then, your move made things complicated, and now you must change your address email for change. Don’t worry, and it’s easy to update your USPS Address Change request. Just take our easy steps.

How to cancel or update address change online

You can also go online, cancel or amend your request even after you have changed your email and the date you requested for your mail to be forwarded or visit at

  1. On the USPS address change page, the option to click on the link “Do you want to view update or cancel address you have already submitted click here to begin button just below
  2. In this section, blanks and your confirmation number are to be filled in. The confirmation number is the 16-digit code that you send to your new address by confirmation. The password is given in the confirmation email issued if you have registered your USPS address change order online.
  3. You can make the following changes/updates:
  • Change your mail forwarding start date.
  • Change your mail forwarding end date.
  • Change your email address or phone number.
  • Switch to a permanent one from a temporary move.
  • Switching from family to individual (but not from person to family
  • Cancel your address change order altogether.

Update your Address or in-person address change

You may have USPS changing your email via the mobile if you are having problems with the online address change system. You can call the postal service at 1-800-275-8777, where you can receive a change of address information from USPS customer service staff. You can also go to the local post office and change your email personally. You can find the nearest post offices by searching for the post office near me in this regard.


When should I update my address?

Two weeks earlier, to your move, we recommend changing your address with the USPS. This will give the USPS Validation Letter sufficient time to reach you and confirm your address change.

How do I correct my change of address?

Either by checking online information on USPS, calling the local representative on the USPS (1-800-275-8777), or in person.

How much does my address have to change?

You are required to pay with a credit or debit card when using the simple online address change process. $1.05 is charged. This fee is a tool for validating identity and child protection fraud. USPS will ensure that your card address corresponds to your old home or new residence to pay the small fee. This allows the do online postal address change and verify that you are the person requiring the change of address.

Can you update it everywhere else by changing my address to USPS?

No, this doesn’t update anybody else’s email to your folder. It just shifts your mail to your new address. You will need to document your change of address for most companies and organizations. See a dramatic change to the checklist of emails to ensure that all bases are covered.

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