Black text on a white background is always a headache at night. Especially, when you are about to hit the bed and want to scroll through a few tweets. Turning on the Twitter dark mode feature could be of some help if you really hate the glare on your eyes.

Twitter is one of the first apps to have the dark mode feature, unlike WhatsApp and Facebook which are just having theirs in 2019. It is actually the first social media platform to introduce an optimised dark interface.

On the mobile app, the Twitter dark mode comes in two variations: Dim (dark blue background) and Lights out (black background). Let’s see how to turn each of them on but first let’s do the one on the desktop.

Twitter dark mode on desktop

Twitter’s website makes use of a setting called the prefers-colour-scheme* setting. This tells your web browser that a dark version of a certain site is available. Most browsers have this feature.

To do it manually:

  1. Open Twitter in your browser.
  2. Go to the “Settings and Privacy” menu,
  3. Select “Display”
  4. Now select your pick from the three options provided: Default, Dim, and Lights Out.

That’s not just all. You can also pick a different highlight colour option here. The colours include blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, and green. This will make the site more pleasant with the dark mode feature turned on.

Turning on Twitter dark mode on iOS and Android

As I said earlier, Twitter for Android and iOS has two dark modes. The one with a dark blue background called “Dim” (also called “night mode”) and the other with a black background, which is the new one, called “’Lights out”.

The last one, the Lights out, was basically designed for the AMOLED screens on smartphones.

This is how you can turn on the Twitter dark mode feature in smartphones.

  1. Touch your profile photo to open the main menu.
  2. Select “Settings and privacy”
  3. Then tap “Display and sound” under the “General” section.
  4. Now hit “Dark mode”, which may be off. You can now choose which dark theme you prefer to use.

twitter dark mode on Android

You can activate it to automatically turn on at sunset by toggling the “Automatic dark mode” button.


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