turn off autocorrect feature in iphone

The autocorrect feature in the iPhone keyboard is a really helpful feature but sometimes it can be really annoying and you just want to turn it off. That is when it autocorrects what you are typing but gives you the wrong words instead.

On an iPhone, where it’s difficult to edit individual words, autocorrect can really slow you down. Turning off the autocorrect feature on your iPhone may suppress this problem.

Though many people appreciate the feature because it quickly predicts the words you are about to type and completes them for you, it still has its flaws. So this piece will show you how to quickly turn off the autocorrect feature in your iPhone.

How to turn off autocorrect on your iPhone

1. On your iPhone, open your “Settings” app.

2. Scroll down the options of Settings for the “General” settings and tap on it.

turn off autocorrect feature in iphone

3. Now, scroll down for the “Keyboard” settings and tap on that. Here, you can adjust your typing preferences.

4. In the “Keyboards” setting, you’ll see a list of options with sliders against them.

turn off autocorrect feature in iphone

5. Find the Auto-Correction option. If its slider button is coloured green, then it is active.

6. To turn off autocorrect, just tap or swipe the toggle button to the left. The toggle button’s colour should then change from green to white.

You are done. You’ve turned off the autocorrect feature in your iPhone.

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A little advice here. It may also be a good thing to turn off the options for “AutoCapitalisation”, “Check Spelling”, and “Predictive” as well. Doing this will make sure that when typing, it is exactly what you are typing that will appear —no predictions or whatsoever.

You can reverse the turning off of autocorrect if you want it back later. You just have to follow the same steps and turn the feature on by swiping the toggle button to the right. Always make sure its colour is turned to green. That way, you know the feature has been activated.



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