Instagram Stories, the disappearing posts feature it copied from Snapchat, usually are shown to your “friends”. Thus, not all your followers are able to see them, unlike the usual posts. Well, this quick guide will show you how to turn your Instagram Story into a post with a few clicks.
The steps are really simple.

Turn Instagram Story into a post

After posting your Instagram Story, click on “more”.
This will bring up a set of options. Simply choose “Share as Post”.
From here, the usual setup for posting a picture or video on your feed should appear. Boom, that’s it!
how to turn Instagram Story into a post

Turn an Instagram post to a Story

If you want to share a post to a Story, that’s also doable and easy as well.
After posting the photo or video to your feed, just tap the share icon (the paper airplane button). From the options, just click “Add post to your Story.”

Share others’ posts to Instagram Story

You can as well share other people’s posts to your Instagram Story in the same way. Just tap the paper airplane button under the post. Select the option to add it to your Story.

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