Screenshots! Screenshots everywhere! We take shots of almost everything on our smartphones, tablets and even computers. Somehow one thing seemed to have been left behind. Smartwatches. Well, surprise! You can actually take screenshots on Apple Watches.
Though a lot of people do not know, capturing the screen of your Apple Watch is not all that difficult. It is just that when viewing the photo on the Watch, you would need to follow a couple of steps.
But before you take the screenshot on the Apple Watch, you have to prepare it first. You have to enable the feature from the Watch app on your iPhone.

Preparing to take screenshots on Apple Watch

  • Launch the Watch app on the iPhone.
  • Tap “General” on the main screen.

how to take screenshots on Apple Watch 1

  • Now scroll down to the “Enable Screenshots” category.
  • Then just toggle it to turn it on.

how to take screenshots on Apple Watch 1
Now that you have done this, your Apple Watch is ready to take screenshots.

How to take screenshots on Apple Watch

Now, let’s do the actual thing. It is really simple.
Press the Digital Crown and the side button of your Apple Watch simultaneously. You will probably need two fingers for this. That’s it!
The screen of the Watch will flash white. You will also hear a photo-snapping sound if your Watch is not muted.
You are done taking the screenshots on your Watch, you now want to see the actual photo. Let’s see how to go about that one.

Viewing screenshots taken by Apple Watch

To see any screenshots you have taken with your Apple Watch, you need to pick up your iPhone again.

  1. Open your iPhone’s Photo app.
  2. Move down to the “Media Types” section
  3. Then tap on “Screenshots”.
  4. You should find the screenshots you took with the Apple Watch.

how to view Apple Watch screenshots
As said earlier, taking screenshots on Apple Watch itself is not anything difficult or stressing but viewing it. You have to go see the photo on another device every time. That’s the real work.

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