Stream recently went into beta with their Remote Play Together, which will let gamers play co-op multiplayer titles with others over the internet.

Playstation owners should already know that this could be done on their via Share Play. And now, Microsoft has also tapped from this idea.

With the new feature, gamers will be able to stream from their console to their smartphones. Users will even be able to fit in a fast game of Minecraft when the TV is busy.

It is still in its testing phase and is only available to Xbox Insiders in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead programs. An internet connection with a latency of 128ms or less, with 60ms or lower, is required.

Your mobile device has to be running Android 6.0 and will need Bluetooth 4.0 support plus a Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller to connect to the device running the Xbox Game Streaming App. The app will guide you through setting up Xbox Console Streaming on your enrolled Xbox One, a test will even be performed to make sure your home network, console, and controller are set for Xbox Console Streaming.


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