Smartphones have immense advantage and this generation has been blessed with technology advancement that one can even shutdown their laptop with their smartphone once they are enabled with internet access.
Using your smartphone to shutdown your laptop is as easy as abcd and after reading this article, you should give it a a try and leave a comment on once it works for you.
This can be done with a windows remote shutdown program which when installed and activated can be used to shut down your laptop or PC remotely with your mobile phone. Now, let’s get into the details.
The first thing to do is to download and install a software called Airytec switch off on your windows laptop. After downloading and installation, a shutdown icon will appear in your system tray like this.

Airytec switch off
Image: KwesiArko.Com

Now what you should do is to click on the shutdown icon, and select the options you prefer. The Force shutdown option should be enabled. After that, simply make a right-click on the shutdown icon and select Settings >> Remote >> Edit Web Interface. Enable Web interface and click Apply.
shutdown your laptop
Image: KwesiArko

Next step is to click on view/update static addresses to reveal your shutdown URL which you can bookmark on your smartphone browser so that you’ll not forget it easily.
Image: KwesiArko

How To Remotely Shutdown PC From Anywhere With Smartphone 6
Image: KwesiArko

Now into the final two steps, you should click on the Shutdown icon in the system tray and enable task. Finally, open your Shutdown URL in your mobile phone browser and select shutdown from the options to shut down your laptop or PC and that’s it.
Note: You need to have internet to access on your phone, and your laptop must also be online for this to work.

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