Music has a special place in everyone’s heart without any doubt. Be it a party mood, joyful moment, or even trying to recover from a breakup. Music stays with us eternally.
But the loss of internet connectivity can create obstacles in this therapeutic experience. Either the music keeps on buffering or does not load at all. That is why offline mode is a great way to access music without the internet.
Many people think downloading music is rocket science and requires special skills. However, due to the latest advancements, many features and tools have made downloading easier. Now, you can save music offline and enjoy anywhere anytime.
To know about this more, read this article till the end. This article has a list below on how to save music to listen offline.

1. Install An App

By installing an application, you don’t have to invest time again and again on this process. Apps like MP3studio offer a cakewalk experience to its users. People without any tech skill can also use this application.
Go to their official website and install the app. This app is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. After installing the app, copy the URL of the desired song from the Youtube and paste it into the input box of MP3studio.
If you want to enjoy the music and tunes solely, then go for mp3 format, but if you’re going to watch the video also, opt for mp4 format. Cool features like this can customize your experience accordingly.
It can download up to 99 videos simultaneously, so you can also download a whole playlist without worrying about slow results.

2. Premium Membership

If you want to save music offline, then you might want to consider having a premium account of Youtube or Spotify. Premium membership allows the users to download music and access it when they are away from Wi-Fi.
Special features like no advertisements also add a great deal to have a premium account. Having a premium account saves you from getting any kind of external app or website to download music for later.
After getting a membership, you will see an option to download the song or even an entire playlist. Downloading music was never so easy.

3. Websites

There are many websites which offer downloading music. There is an option to either directly search for a particular song on these websites, or you can copy the URL from any other source, such as Youtube.
The procedure is effortless. You need to copy the URL of the desired song and paste it in the input box. Now, you can even convert a music video to just an audio file.
It is a great way to save music on your device. However, it is advised to take some precautions while using these websites.

Final Words

These were some simple ways to save music to listen offline, and always keep you connected to the beats of your favourite music. You will never have to wait for the internet to keep you company. Offline music will keep you company even in extreme places.

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