How to run an effective SMS marketing campaign?

sms marketing
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There are a lot of marketing techniques and each technique has its pros and cons. When we talk about SMS marketing, we see that most people are not using this method properly. They are just sending bulk messages with a clear path and in turn, desired results are not achieved. One main reason behind this failure is that people are not aware of complete methodology on how to run an effective and proper campaign of marketing through SMS online. There is a lot of information on the internet about this topic but no clear information is available that is concise and to the point. This piece of content would help you get a clear picture of how to do a good SMS campaign.

First thing first: make a picture of your goal in your mind:

This is the most important step before running the campaign. You should know the end before you start. You should be well aware of the results that are to be achieved before anything is done. There could be certain possibilities for your marketing campaign. You might want to increase your customer base or you need to increase the awareness of your new product in your existing customers. In both situations, tactics could be different. Therefore, it is very important to first analyze your goal and act accordingly.

Content is the king!

The most important thing in any marketing method is the content. You should be very sure what you are going to display to viewers. In case of SMS online, you should be more precise because you have a limited number of characters as compared to email and you need to put all your thoughts in those limited number of characters. Writing the proper content for SMS marketing is a tough job and should be done through professionals in order to get quick results.

Group the customers or potential customers to fill the strategic space:

The basic of marketing is to get some new business and the easiest way is to find the strategic space where no one is already working. It is tough to do because everyone else out there is also trying to do that and you need to group the customers in a unique way. People usually group them on the basis of gender or some preferences. You should go beyond this if you want unique results. The different basis of grouping could be:

  • Age factor
  • Location of the customers
  • Taste
  • Ethnic groups

Get the message delivered at the right time:

It is one important thing to consider. Timing is very crucial in marketing. If you deliver the message at the wrong time, it might go waste and you are likely to end up with zero results. In order to get the proper timing, you need to assess the behaviour of customers. SMS online is something that should not be sent to all. Relevant people must be selected before you throw the message campaign!

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