MTN mobile money transfer is the easiest ways to transact money via your mobile phone and it comes with instant access once you have mobile network. Most companies now pay their workers through Mtn mobile money but what do you do when you make a mobile money transaction to a wrong number?

That’s the question on the lips of most Mtn mobile money users who have wondered how they will retrieve their money should they make a transaction to a wrong mobile money number.

This article brings you all you need to know in case of a wrong transaction that may require reversal. When users and subscribers send money to wrong person by accident, or by inputting the wrong recipient number, they are advised to use MTN mobile money reversal services. In the rules and regulations of MTN mobile money, wrong transactions of money should be reported within 30 days. This provides an opportunity for the investigations and establishment of claims of wrong transactions to be carried out. This is the only way to ensure successful refunds are made.

It is important to understand that MTN does not take responsibility for disputes arising from agreements of payments to the payee. This means that established claims that are approved for reversal have to be taken care of within 15 days of claim.

The following is a summary of how to reverse MTN mobile money transaction process.

  1. Visit the nearest MTN mobile money agent to reverse MTN mobile money.
  2. Report the matter of wrong transaction to a wrong person within 30 days of the incident.
  3. Give the correct figure of the amount wrongly transacted and the number sent to
  4. Give time for the claim to be investigated and established.
  5. Approval of claim will result to your mobile money reversal being processed.
  6. Mobile money reversal takes place within 15 days from the day reported.
  7. Confirm a successful mobile money reversal once done.


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