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Heading back to work after losing an unborn baby can be difficult. Even if some women love the distraction, others never feel ready to move on that quick. See How to return to work after a miscarriage:

1. Speak to your boss in advance: Tell him or her what you share. Let your boss know that you would prefer to not discuss it with anyone. Your boss will take it from there.
2. Have some quiet time: When there is a break, use that time to get fresh air, grab a cup of coffee. You need some time with yourself.
3. One day at a time: Easing yourself back in is key. You will have good and bad days. Reach out to your boss for a later start time in case you begin to find it hard to get out of bed early. You will need some free time to visit your therapist too.
4. You need a support source: A reliable friend should do here. Anyone you can reach out to when things get tough emotionally.
5. A to-do list: When you go back to work after a miscarriage, it might be hard to focus. You might need to jot down your daily tasks more to remember.


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