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Some people consider College to be the best time of their existence and educational experiences while others consider it to be the worst.

Numerous students love being an adult and are preparing for their possible future career by being proactive in the field of academe and extra-curricular programs in the Universities and College Institutions they have enrolled in.

It is a common practice and cultural heritage that right after college, an individual attains the freedom of being independent and free from their parent’s control. However, a few students consider these years to be hectic, chaotic and full of deadlines.

Since these are the final stages of educational training and career advancement for the student, then surely the assignments, projects and school work are all piled up and awaiting completion. Thus, because of this fact alone, some students fall under the load work and get sick while some become too stressed and depressed. Worst-case scenario is spending time at the hospital during the finals week and even the graduation ceremony due to sickness or over fatigue. There are tons of self-help books on how to reduce stress and overcome anxiety but what we have in stored for all our readers are newly motivated concepts that came from accurate research and years of study.

The Ill effects of Stress in the Physical and Mental Health of a Student

 Stress takes place when the fatigue, fear and anxiety become too overwhelming for the college student to handle. In this case, mental or physical breakdown occurs which could obstruct the academic life of the student.

When tensions are higher than the amount of positive energy then it will lead to tiredness, hopelessness and depression to students. It affects the studies and future of the student and stressed learners oftentimes fail in their exams, physical fitness activities and become frustrated in life.

Top Ten (10) Strategies to Reduce Stress In College

Whenever you feel like breaking down under the pressure of meeting deadlines, mountains of paper works and assignments then here are the most effective tips in combating stress and unhealthy lifestyle as written in blog:

  1. Sleep for Seven to Eight Hours Every Night 

    Nothing beats a good sleep. The brain hasto rest and relax for a couple of hours especially when tired so that the student will prevent over-fatigue and even mistakes in the daily schedule of academic activities. Even a five-minute sleep will revitalize one’s energy and boost up the brain functions. According to authors and writers that insufficient sleep weakens the defense mechanism of the body and leaves the person open to all forms of diseases and illnesses.

  2. Intake of Healthy Fruits and Vegetables.

    Building a healthy lifestyle will keep a person from being to sickly and weak. It also increases the level of energy not only of the mental state but as well as the physical abilities of the student. Too much junk food and fast food items carry the danger of unhealthy diet leading to illnesses and abnormal body functions. The reason why it’s called junk because these types of food carry with it chemicals and elements for preservation and could be harmful to humans in the long run. Hence, a healthy diet fresh from the farm will reduce stressful hormones and release happy endorphins that strengthen and boost the immune system and brain functions.

  3. Maintain a Physical Fitness Routine

     The power of self-discipline overcomes hurdles and solves challenges. Keeping yourself physically fit also helps the mental state to relax and unwind. Going to the gym or taking a jog in the early morning helps keep the body fit for strenuous activities.

  4. Stop Taking Fake Energy Boosters

    Energy drinks are mixed with strong chemicals that serve to enhance energy for only a short period of time and afterwards the student feels more tired and worn out. Natural Energy boosters such as drinking apple juice or doing daily exercises are not harmful to health. Medical Doctors usually advise the intake of natural food and drinks free from the risk of dangerous elements.

  5. Surround Yourself with Family and Friends for Moral Support

    There are timeswhen the it’s difficult to open up to friends or classmates about your struggles in the academic field and only your family will understand what you’re going through. They will serve as an anchor to keep you afloat especially in times when the pressure becomes too much to bear. Relationship with family acts as a moral booster to calm your fears and to encourage you with your endeavors and dreams to achieve.

  6. Acquire Hobbies that Inspire and Encourage 

    There are numerous hobbies that are nottoo expensive to maintain such as working on arts and crafts, travelling on a low budget, disciplined and balanced enjoyment of videogames and music to keep your mind off the stress in your studies. Listening to one’s favorite song and soothing music will surely calm the raging mind. Listen to good music and release stressful thoughts and worries.

  7. Have a Balanced Social and Academic Life 

    That saying that ‘All work and No Play makes a person dull’ has some ironic truth in it. We must remember that a human being is made to balance situational events in life and not to overwork one’s self. An individual who is too stressed is prone to mistakes and the quality of the working assignments suffer because the college student is already too tired to even complete the school projects.

  8. Do not Pressure Yourself too much on Load Work 

    It is advisable that a person could only work on a specific amount of writing assignments and projects when you are tired and unable to function accurately. If you have joined in too many extracurricular activities, it is noteworthy to drop one or two so that you will be able to get some rest and to function perfectly as a student who is about to go out into the field of work.

  9. Travel and Visit Places Once in a While 

    There are many freebies and benefits in travelling to relaxing destinations. A day or two out of town could freshen your resolve to study harder or exert another mile in your writing assignment. Since stress affects the future of the student and stressed learners oftentimes fail in their exams, physical fitness activities and become frustrated in life. Hence, going to places with affordable packages on flight plans will help the college student to enjoy for a while and to rest.

  10. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine 

    Too much coffee could affect a person’s physical state and mental health. Coffee and Alcohol may temporarily help you to stay awake at night to study but its effects are disastrous and could lead to serious diseases and sicknesses. The body has its natural way of healing itself from stress and anxiety. This could be done by taking in eight glasses of water every day, exercising and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Likewise, seeking professional help and advice is also a must to prevent any form of complications. If even after you have tried doing all these natural strengthening boosters and nothing is still working, then, talk to a psychologist or physician to have yourself checked from any possible illnesses. To find a trusted medical personnel, check with your student health center for recommendations.

Therefore, following these ten  simple steps could save you from too much anxiety and stress. The student could succeed in the world of academics. if he also knows how to take care of his health.

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