Recover deleted files Windows 10

No one is insured against accidental deletion of files in their operating system. And we are talking about the complete elimination of data when they can no longer be recovered from the recycle bin. Fortunately, there are several options of how to recover deleted files, among which you can find a suitable one for your particular situation.

Any method takes a fairly little time, so you can get the necessary information back pretty quickly.

Ways of data recovery

So, the first option involves the restoration of information without the use of third-party software. However, it is considered the most difficult and energy-consuming. Thus, you need to open the “Start” menu. Next, you need to enter “cmd”, click on the drop-down option, and run it as an administrator. After that, you need to enter the combination “chkdsk X: / f” and press Enter. Replace X with the name of your hard drive.

Then you need to enter “ATTRIB -H -R -S / S / D X: *. *” and press Enter once again. Such an approach to recover deleted files usually takes a certain time period. It is highly recommended not to perform any other operations at the same time.

The next recovery option is to use the backup feature. As a rule, this method helps to find the necessary files that are no longer in the basket. It is enough to run a backup so that the system automatically generates the most relevant results that can be analyzed.

Next, we will proceed to one of the most popular options, the Disk Drill for Mac. This software program was able to prove itself from the best side. You can download it for free. Plus, the installation doesn’t take long. To start file recovery for Windows 10 operating system, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Run the program and launch the “Search for lost data”. In this case, you must specify the hard drive where the file was stored.
  2. Select the necessary file from the list of displayed results.
  3. Click on the “Recover” button.

The process will take you just a few seconds. It is important to note that the program allows you to perform free recovery of files that can be up to 500 MB in size.

You can also get access to the necessary information via a copy of the file and data history. It is enough to enter the “Recovery” command in the Start menu, and then follow further instructions.

Special features of data deletion

Sometimes it is almost impossible to delete file history Windows 10 saved. You need to perform a whole range of operations that would allow you to erase the unnecessary information. In this case the use of the “Ctrl” + “Shift” combination is considered to be the most rational option.

You can always initiate the process of the deleted data recovery. However, the main thing is that today there are significantly more ways to recover important data. It can be done absolutely for free by spending just a few seconds of your time.

However, many users complain that here are too many temporary files in Windows 10 that seriously slow down the stable operation of the whole system. That is why it is sometimes necessary to delete them, especially if there is really a lot of information generating.

If you are not sure how to delete temporary files, then the answer is really very simple – Disk Drill will help you with it. A stable utility will allow you to get access to the current data, which can now always be used to your advantage.


Thus, Disk Drill is a really useful program that will help you to recover lost files and get other necessary information about the current state of the storage system. It is very easy to use, and already today you can download and install it for free.

We hope this tutorial was useful and there will be no more problems with missing important files. Any problems can be solved by Disk Drill, which is stable and allows you to recover even the data that was deleted from the computer a long time ago.


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