How to properly clean any iPhone model

Mobile phones, including iPhones, are probably one of the most not-so-clean items these days. That is because they are always in our palms.  We do touch other things and come right back to our phones. But how do you properly clean your iPhone without causing any damage to it?

From a health point, cleaning your iPhone (and any other phone) is a good idea. It also helps keep the beautiful appearance of your phone.

This piece is going to show you how to clean your iPhone properly without causing damages to it.

How to properly clean your iPhone

General directives for all iPhone models

Generally, you can clean your iPhone with a soft, lint-free cloth. You can use a clean shirt to do it. Slightly moisten the cloth with water and use it to wipe the body of the phone.
Do not use glass cleaner, soap or anything of that sort.

If you think you contaminated the iPhone and you need to disinfect it, then use a solution of 50:50 water and alcohol. Moisten a clean cloth with the solution and lightly apply it to the iPhone

How to clean an iPhone 7 or later

  1. Take off the iPhone casing, if there’s one.
  2. Disconnect any attached cables and turn off the phone.
  3. Moisten the lint-free cloth with water.
  4. Lightly wipe the phone by applying minimal downward pressure.
  5. After that, use another clean cloth to dry the iPhone quickly.

How to clean an iPhone 6 or earlier

iPhone models from the iPhone 6 downwards are not water-resistant so you’d have to be careful how you clean them.

Around the charging port area where there’s the headphone port and other openings, you should keep excessive moisture away from that part.

If possible, you clean that area with a dry clean piece of cloth. Around the tray where the SIM card is inserted, you can use a small amount of alcohol + water to clean.

Hope this helps make your iPhone model look clean.



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