How to prevent rooftop fall hazards?

How to prevent rooftop fall hazards?

Are you scared of flying an airplane? Do you think that a high number of people die from an airplane accident? Does it keep you on the ground? What would you say if we tell you that more than half of all falls occur at heights of less than three meters?

Or that the majority of these falls are from ladders and roofs? It does change the perspective when it comes to falls, right?

When it comes to falls from three meters or slightly under or above, the good news is that the majority of these falls are preventable.

All you have to do is to have the right protection system.

Do you know how you can prevent rooftop fall hazards? If not, keep on reading, because we have got you covered.

Roof Fall Protection

Working at heights isn’t something that comes easy for people.

First of all, it doesn’t feel natural to people to be on heights. Still, it’s something that should be done, and people are used to that. However, not everyone is used to thinking about roof hazards and roof protection.

Falls do happen, and unfortunately, they are often seen in the construction industry, due to lack of safety.

Safety measures are most important when it comes to not falling. Some of the fall reasons are related to safety equipment, while some are caused by tripping, and so on.

To keep these accidents to their minimum (or even better non-existing) people should think about roof fall hazards, and the best way to prevent them; one of the most effective ways to avoid roof hazards is to install a guardrail system on your rooftop, as they come with many beneficial features, like no damage to the roof, quick and easy installation, long warranty, and strong resistance to rust and deterioration that can be caused by external factors, such as rain and temperature changes.


Eliminate Injury Risk

Falls from heights can lead to serious injuries, big expenses, and sadly, even death.

Roofs, ladders, and even loading dock platforms are the most common places where people get hurt.

No matter where falls happen it’s always bad news. Luckily, you can do a lot to optimize roof safety, protect workers and your asset.

Educate people on how to behave when on the roof, to be careful when it comes to weather and to avoid climbing on rainy days, or to avoid climbing or any roofing job if they are alone.

Educate people not to underestimate the risks and to always follow standard safety regulations.

If there is space for it, provide employee training. You will be surprised to realize just how much people can learn through well-organized training.

Last but not least, always use the right equipment. Think about roof management and how you can prevent injury and mitigate risk.

Anything roof-related may sound expensive but bear in mind that no one or anything should put a price on human life.

Even if you’re a DIY person and you want to make a quick roof fix, make sure that you have someone next to you and that you know how to keep yourself safe.



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