As much as there is the aspect of death is inevitable, there is still a way that you can dictate the quality of life that you will live and also how long you will live. The following are the things that you can to avoid and also do to live a long healthy life.

1. Quit smoking

The one mistake that most people make is smoking. If you are smoking, you are negatively impacting your lifespan. The saddest part is that smoking can be addictive and might be challenging to stop once you get started. By avoiding cigars, you will be warding off heart disease, chronic lung problems, stroke, and osteoporosis to mention a few. Did you also know that smoking affects other activities that you can take on to improve your health? Now you know. As mentioned earlier, smoking causes lung problems. As a result, exercises may prove to be challenging to do as breathing issues usually manifest at this point.
If you are wondering whether or not quitting now will be of any help, you need to know that it will make all the difference. It will save your body from more damage. Also, it only gets better. Quitting can get your body back to normal operations like that for non-smokers. Quit today, and you will reduce or eliminate the risk of getting cancer or heart disease.

2. Manage your weight

Obesity reduces a person’s lifespan by three years. That is with the case of moderate obesity. If it is severe, it does so by ten years. This already tells you that maintaining a healthy weight is detrimental. Being overweight also causes problems such as stroke, diabetes, and some cancers. It is for this reason that you need to find ways to manage your weight.
The best way to embark on this journey is by first seeking support, especially if you are looking to shed some weight, a personal trainer or doctor for in home health care, they will help you set goals and also guide you on the best way to go about it. It is also essential to set realistic and motivating goals. That means that you can start small. If you are looking to eliminate starch from your diet, you can start by doing small quantities until you can completely do away with it. Unachievable goals are demotivating and will make you give up.
To win in this weight loss journey, you need to exercise. This will go a long way in, one helping you lose weight and two be able to maintain a healthy one.


3. Drink lots of water!

A 40 oz stainless steel water bottle for those who travel long distances can be a lifesaver. Carrying a bottle filled with clean water is like a constant reminder that you need to drink water. Regular intake of water will impact your longevity. Most of the major illnesses result from dehydration. Drinking water is not an exercise that most people anticipate: a water bottle will come in handy in helping you check on your rate of consumption of water.

4. Revise your pantry

We are what we eat. If you eat healthy foods, it is only logical that you will be healthy. There is, therefore, a lot that you can do in the kitchen that will help you live to see your grandkids. For instance, as you age, you should be cutting down on meat products and shift focus to vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. This will go a long way in warding off lifestyle diseases that will only claim your life.
As you may have noticed, it the things that most people ignore that determine how long they will live. If you want to live a healthy life minus tons of doctors’ appointments, you need to pay attention to the points listed above.


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