How To Overcome Flat Foot Conditions

Did you know that individuals with flat foot face disqualification during recruitment processes in defence forces? This is because flat foot, which is known as underpronation will severely hamper the individual’s ability to take part in activities that are a part of the routine in defence forces. This also means that an individual who wishes to take part in routine fitness activities will face similar problems. This makes it necessary for an individual with a flat foot to choose the right kind of shoes which will help overcome this problem. Here is all that you need to know about picking the right shoes if you have a flat foot.

Straight shoe last

This may sound weird here but it is a technical term that refers to the shape of the shoe when viewed in a particular manner. It refers to the symmetrical shape checked in the bottom of the shoe. If a straight line is drawn from the heel to the toe, and the shape of the shoe is symmetrical to the straight line then it is called a straight last. This is necessary for individuals who have a flat foot.

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Typically podiatrists are known to recommend different shapes of shoes as per the shape of the feet and the activity of the individual. However, it is important to know that individuals with flat foot will find it better to indulge in activities by using shoes that have a straight shoe last.

Sole with an arch in it

Most of the shoes that are available in the market have an insole that supports the feet inside the shoe. This is sometimes of good quality, and it will support the arch of the feet from the inside to a certain extent. However, if the material of the insole is not good enough. It is highly likely that it will flatten out or lose its firm nature over a period of time. As a result, the support to the arch will reduce and this will compromise on the individual’s ability to take part in activities without injuring the foot.

It is necessary to choose a pair of shoes that have an arch on the sole as well as the insole. This will offer the right kind of support to the arch of the feet. The whole idea of looking for specialist shoes is to support and create the right curvature of the arch which will help the individual to take part in physical activities without any problem.

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A similar height of heel and toe

This is again very important for individuals who have a flat foot. It is necessary to choose shoes that have similar heights at which the toe and heel touch the ground. The use of shoes that have designs, which have higher heights for heels will create more stress on the feet and will work against the whole idea of a special shoe to tackle flat foot problems.

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These are some of the options that can be used when selecting a pair of shoes for individuals who would like to take part in physical activities, despite having a flat foot. This will help them take part in fitness activities without injuring the foot.



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