Social media is easily one of the avenues where individuals and organisations promote their businesses. And Instagram is one of the most used platforms these days. With everyone doing almost the same things, you probably must find ways to optimise the Instagram Stories functionality to grow your business or personal brand.
The Instagram Stories was introduced in August 2016. And presently, over 500 million people create and interact with the Stories every single day. Thus, businesses and brands are leveraging Stories to boost their brand awareness and drive up sales.
The point here is, if you know how to use the Instagram Stories effectively, it can perform some wonders for your business. It will definitely worth your while trying this strategy if you haven’t already. Potential customers can learn about your products and services and interact with them as well.
With all said, you won’t just wake up one day and go on to Instagram and start shooting Stories. To do it, it should be done well. That’s the only way to get the desired results. If so, let’s get into how to go about the whole thing.
There are a couple of elements you’d have to follow. Let’s get into them.

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Ways to optimise your Instagram Stories for your brand or business

1. Compelling visuals

Instagram is basically about visuals: photos and short videos. And remember, everyone else is doing the same thing, so for your Stories to stand out, your videos/photos must be bold and compelling enough. You wouldn’t compile just any photos/videos and post them up there. Make sure they also align with your business.
The visuals used should be ones that tell stories, at least. It should clearly lay out the points you want to put across and probably feature a product.

2. Conciseness

Look at it this way. Every day, tons of photos and videos are posted on Instagram and because of this, users are always moving fast. They want to see as much as they can from those tons of videos and photos.
So when you post up Stories and the idea is not coming, they’ll skip and move on to something that makes sense to them immediately. With this knowledge, you should make sure the point you want to put across is in the first few seconds of your Story.  After those few seconds, if your value prop isn’t appearing, they’ll just swipe your Story away.
And to attract Instagram users’ attention, it is advisable to use bold text, captivating photos and/or unique sounds.

3. Sound

Instagram is basically visuals and these visuals include videos. And as we all know a video without sound is really not interesting. The social platform itself said 60 percent of Stories are viewed with the sound on.
With sound available, you are able to speak to the audience, which is also a form of interaction. Be creative here. Any sound included should be intentional. Send your message through it. Remember, you are trying to set your brand apart from the others.

4. Call to action

You would want to include a specific call to action in your Instagram stories. It is a very good strategy for people to interact with your brand even after consuming your Stories. You should know the specific CTA your viewers would want to take after seeing your videos/photos.
Make it clear through sound and/or visualise it in your video or photos.

5. Showcase behind-the-scenes

People like to be part of things if they know the backgrounds. Basically, customers always like to deal with people they already knew or businesses where they know someone. Show them how you start your products.
For instance, if you are a designer, you wouldn’t always show your finished goods. Sometimes, you need to let them see how a certain product was made. Let them feel part of your brand.
With this strategy, potential clients begin to see more of your authenticity and trust you more.


Always bear in mind that Instagram Stories is all about creativity. You have only a few seconds to captivate people to stick to your videos and photos. Thus, your Stories have to bold, bright, creative and above all, get your message across in the best possible way.

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