How to manage your Samsung Galaxy 10 folders

manage Samsung Galaxy 10 folders

We all desire a clean appearance and this is how we want our smartphones to look too.

It is possible to get that done since you can customize or personalize your device’s Home screen by customizing the navigation bar, modifying the screen orientation, including widgets, folders, altering the launcher e.t.c. By so doing, you can be certain that your Galaxy S10 device will appear more organized and simple to navigate.

Widgets are smaller versions of applications. They show on your Home screen and when they are touched, widgets will be enabled or they will make use of an application’s feature, in a way that will definitely catch your attention. I want you to believe you already know how to explore Bixby Home from the home screen. Bixby Home is a form of mash-up of info gotten from other places like location, your social feeds, calendar, and weather. It will be visible to the left of your home display so simply scroll right and you can do and undo with it.

Also, always remember to ensure the applications you have installed are organized on your Home screen. Simply drag one application on top of a different one to create a folder. As soon as the folder is created, you will be able to give it a name and even make it appear the way you want.

Lets help you with that below:

manage Samsung Galaxy 10 folders

How to manage my Galaxy S10 folders?

How can I create a folder and add more apps?

If you wish to create a folder, simply drag an application on top of a different one and a folder will be created. After that, to get rid of an app from a folder, launch the folder and long press an application, you will see a pop-up menu that will allow you to get rid of that app.

If you want to add apps, just drag them into a folder or click “Add Apps.” After that, choose the applications you want to add and then click “Add.”

How can I personalize a folder?

If you wish to alter a folder name, just open the folder and type the name you wish to use at the top. You can also decide to not use any name at all and just leave it blank. To modify the folder background color, click the dot in the right-hand corner and choose a new color. Custom colors are available.

How can I delete a folder?

If you are fed up with the folder, just press and hold and then tap Remove from home. The folder and the application shortcuts will no longer be visible.


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