How to Attract a Christian Girl
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Do you love her despite the fact that her own love is strictly for God and no one else? Well, we can help. You can make her fall in love with if you do the right things. See How to make a church girl fall for you:

1. Dress sharply: You need to impress with your dress. Dazzling suits, well-starched native attires will do the trick here.
2. Be street smart: Church girls do not really fancy those church guys that rock oversized clothes, trousers and appear so much like church boys. They are like that already, so they want something different. This is your cue to be a bad boy sometimes, enjoy life, this does not mean you would make them sin, you both will only be enjoying life in a godly way.
3. Be reserved: Avoid being too friendly with several people. Do not be in everybody’s face and don’t talk too much. Be cool.
4. Be decisive: Sit close to her in church sometimes, smile when your eyes meet, take things slowly and then eventually, ask for her number.

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